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    Thousands march in memory of murdered opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov

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    Some 20,000 people marched in Moscow on Saturday to honour the memory of key opposition figure Boris Nemtsov who was assassinated a year ago.

    He was shot four times in the back – next to the walls of the Kremlin.

    People carried placards that read ‘I am not scared’ and burst into chants criticising the Russian government.

    It’s a rare show of confidence from an opposition that’s been cowed by those in power.

    My report for France 24 here

    And for Radio France Internationale:



    New Year in Moscow

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    Ice Slide next to Red Square, New Year

    In Moscow it’s something of a tradition to go down to Red Square during the festive season, ice skate and soak up the atmosphere.

    Catholic Christmas and New Year are bundled up into one and celebrated together – with a particular Soviet twist.

    Orthodox Christmas falls on January the 7th.

    Here’s my report on festivities from the centre of Moscow.

    Ice-skating next to the Kremlin

    New Year skater penguins on Red Square, Moscow

    Pro-democracy campaigner Khodorkovsky ‘placed on International wanted list’

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    Tweet Former oil tycoon turned human rights campaigner Mikhael Khodorkovsky has been ‘arrested in absentia’ according to the Russian Investigative Committee. Its spokesman said Khodorkovskey will be put on an international wanted list. However, British extradition expert Joseph Kotrie-Monson told me that’s unlikely to go anywhere. Khodorkovsky spends much of his time in Britain...

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    Vladimir Putin on Turkey, Syria, Trump in three hour face-the-press

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    Tweet Russia’s President blazed, lectured and – on occasion – stumbled his way through 3 hours of questions posed mostly by local journalists. They tried to get the President’s attention by waving large, multicoloured placards. One woman had the picture of a microphone-cum-dummy on hers that said ‘pregnant women skip the queue’. Unfortunately for...

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