• Vladimir Putin on Turkey, Syria, Trump in three hour face-the-press

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    Putin Presser 2Russia’s President blazed, lectured and – on occasion – stumbled his way through 3 hours of questions posed mostly by local journalists.

    They tried to get the President’s attention by waving large, multicoloured placards. One woman had the picture of a microphone-cum-dummy on hers that said ‘pregnant women skip the queue’.

    Unfortunately for her, the call to general politeness went unheeded.

    During the conference (or media circus) we learnt the head of Fifa Sepp Blatter deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and that Russia’s Sports Minister should not be blamed for the athletics doping scandal that’s seen the country suspended from international competition.

    Angry President

    He laid into Turkey again for bringing down a Russian jet on the Syria – Turkey border and accused the state of ‘Islamisation’ that Putin said would leave it’s secular founder Ataturk ‘turning in his grave’.

    Turkey miscalculated, Putin continued, because Russia is ‘not the kind of country that would run away’.

    Confused President

    He gave a befuddled admission about Russian personnel being involved in ‘military tasks’ in Ukraine – the first time he has done so.

    Calm President

    And relations with the US, at least when it comes to the fledgling Syrian peace process are on the up.

    Here’s my interview with Sandy Aloisi on ABC Breakfast


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